Love and Louboutins.


There they were, in an almost completely empty restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. The soup was cold. The waiter circled. Although it became clear to her, after two very dirty martinis and a lot of looking into his vacant hazel eyes, she was still in disagreement with her self. Maybe he was enough. Maybe his just alright sense of humor would make the fact that he was 5’ 5”, her height in flip flops, okay. Maybe she was just becoming too particular and that was somehow fucking everything up… because really, there-is-no-one-perfect-person-we-all-have-some-sort-of-flaw-and-anyway-Lisa-who-cares-if-you-never-get-to-wear-Louboutins-again.

Maybe you just get what you get these days. Maybe you should stop trying so hard. Maybe you already had it once and that’s all you get in this lifetime. Maybe all the reasons you want it aren’t valid and that’s what is stopping it from appearing. Blah blah blah yada yada yada.


Maybe you should listen to that voice within you that you know is right (let’s call it, oh you know, intuition) and not a bunch of bullshit broken record chatter (see above).

Therefore, maybe you end all of this lame-ass-cold-soup dating, go get yourself a brand new pair of sky high heels, KNOW he’s on his way and that whoever he turns out to be, he’s gonna be a badass like you – and is gonna totes diggity dig those brand new 150 mm Louboutins.

Just sayin’.


Lotsa kisses and thanks to my pals Erin for the editing help and to Stephanie for the day of shopping – and the pic ;o)

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